You are welcome to join our fellowship after fellowship. Find the chapter nearest to you and join others once again to encourage one another and provide a forum to give back to IVCU. Those who have taken the step have found that east or west home is the best – IVCU. Join the Alumni fellowship and register online to get newsletters sent you and news from IVCU.

North America

Welcome to IVCUAF North America Chapter!

We launched the IVCUAF North America chapter to connect brethren in North America and others that could join us in Diaspora.

This vision was cast during the AGM at the IVCUAF Reunion November, 2010 as the fellowship realized it is long overdue to have chapters that would cater to the brethren abroad.Please invite others abroad to join us – We have setup a facebook group – “IVCUAF North America”. We encourage you to join us online via facebook – there is a plan to connect brethren who may not have a facebook account and perhaps not willing to create one. In fact IVCUAF was one of the main reasons I became active on facebook so for those who are skeptical of online social media I hear you.

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Oyo State Chapter

Coordinator: Sis. Siyanbola Omitoyin Email:

Please reach out to Sis. Siyanbola or Bro. Soji Adisa (Chapter PRO) for details of chapter activities. The chapter also has other branches that could be holding meetings and activities close to you.
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Lagos Chapter

Coordinator: Bro. Tomide Kujembola; Email:

Please reach out to Bro. Tomide for details about the chapter activities.

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