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Welcome to IVCUAF North America Chapter!
ecclesia2We launched the IVCUAF North America chapter to connect brethren in North America and others that could join us in Diaspora.

This vision was cast during the AGM at the IVCUAF Reunion November, 2010 as the fellowship realized it is long overdue to have chapters that would cater to the brethren abroad.

Please invite others abroad to join us – We have setup a facebook group – “IVCUAF North America”. We encourage you to join us online via facebook – there is a plan to connect brethren who may not have a facebook account and perhaps not willing to create one. In fact IVCUAF was one of the main reasons I became active on facebook so for those who are skeptical of online social media I hear you.

The driving purpose of this chapter is “Keeping the Vision”. We will work to ensure that all we do will be driven by our yearning to see brethren though in a “strange land” continue to keep Jesus at the center of their lives and to give back to our Alma Mater – The IVCU Fellowship and see to the welfare of our brethren spiritually and physically. We understand that been abroad creates a new kind of challenge and we plan to make the fellowship relevant.

It has been almost 4 years ago we had a conference call (December 21, 2007) primarily to discuss the prospects of IVCUAF abroad. People invited called from the US, Canada and Europe. We had a good meeting and learnt a lot from everyone sharing on the call. A number of unanticipated events took the wind off our sail afterwards but God knowing the intent of our hearts has brought us full circle. God is ever faithful and I know that He works out all things according to the purpose of His will. Join us, lets fellowship again to encourage one another reminding ourselves of the prize of the high calling and give back as we have been blessed through IVCU.

If you have any question please send me an e-mail:

In Christ,

Michael Araba

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