Ibadan Varsity Christian Union (IVCU) established about 50 years ago with membership open to all born again Christians that attend the fellowship who are bonafide students of the University of Ibadan. Attendance of the fellowship meetings is however open to all members of the University community. The aims of the fellowship are:

  1. To promote spiritual growth among members
  2. To win other people to Jesus Christ
  3. To prepare members spiritually for life outside University
  4. To promote academic excellence among members
  5. To promote the kingdom of God here in the University of Ibadan by winning souls for Jesus Christ.

The IVCU believes and upholds the divine inspiration of the Bible and its authority in all matters of faith and conduct among others. The fellowship has a parent body called Ibadan Varsity Christian Union Alumni Fellowship (IVCUAF)  membership include the postgraduate students and all that has passed through the house of IVCU with aims and objectives of encouraging members to uphold and build up themselves to meet with the challenges, spiritual and secular of our time. Members serve as a link between the members of the current and past members of IVCU. We also serve as a link among members within Nigeria and in diaspora. To see to the continued health existence of the IVCU and to sponsor and support missionary oriented programmes with the view to extending the Kingdom of God. Some of our activities include the biannual Re-union Fellowship, production and circulation of literature for information and/or the promotion of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also attend to physical need of the fellowship by sending the Exco for Christian programmes and provision of buses for the use of the fellowship. Gifts and voluntary donations from brethren has been our main sources of fund or income to run all the programmes.

We have many chapters across the globe, there is no state in Nigeria where you will not find IVCUAF chapter including North America. Thank God for our fathers who initiated the vision through the Holy Spirit and kept the vision and passed it to us. We must keep the vision! Finally 2012 Reunion Fellowship is at the corner eh November 2012 please plan ,pray and  prepare to come God will be waiting for you. Keep on keeping on!

Bro. Gbenga Oyeyemi.

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