Yemisi2_wideIt gives me great pleasure to tell people about the ministry I’m involved in. I have a music ministry that involves me ministering in gospel and inspirational songs to different people group. I minister in churches, conferences, concerts, and weddings and in many other places.

I have a heart mostly for worship and leading others into the Lord’s presence through singing worship songs. I also sing songs that encourage fellow Christians to let them know that they should not be complacent about the things of God and that there is still more work to be done for the kingdom. I also love to encourage Christians that on this journey we are on, there might be some distractions here and there but they should know that no matter what they are going through, they could find peace in the Prince of Peace that we serve.
I love to also resound the need for accepting the Lord Jesus Christ in to the hearts of those I would for now call non-believers. Only He can give them the peace that passes all understanding.

More about “Yemisi” and “Praise Vessel Music”

Today,  I am married to Dr. Abiodun Ogunjimi and blessed with two sons. We are all involved in the ministry together. We have a company named Praise Vessel Music and what we do is to write gospel songs and publish them in different places so that people can get to hear them. We record songs as the finances become available and make them into excellently produced CDs. We also hope to launch into making Videos and DVDs of those written songs if possible. We also collaborate with some other people involved in the music ministry.

Our first project was a CD titled ” I can count on You” made in Canada and last year the Nigerian version was also released and that was titled “It’s Amazing. Okayhouse Inc markets the CDs in Nigeria. ( They are located at 63 Simpson Street Ebute-Metta Lagos. Their contact numbers are 08022446688 and 08022446677

We have a DVD of the song ” It’s Amazing” available too. There are many other works in progress. There are some upcoming artists here in Canada that we have written some songs for their debut CDs. One of them is called “Shaniece”. This CD is under works right now.

Secularly, I do work as a Quality Control person in pharmaceutical/ health and beauty care companies. Presently though I am working from home whilst taking care of my children because I know that motherhood has its own calling too.

All these afore mentioned things I have been able to do and do well because of the foundation I received whilst been in IVCU. I was trained to multitask by been in IVCU. IVCU Choir used to have a lot of ministrations both during the week and weekends and I was able to combine going for all those and still succeeding academically.

I also learned to humble myself a lot whilst being in the choir because every year there were always new students joining the choir and to be able to learn anything from them, I had to always come to their levels and really fellowship with them like a sister should and that made me learn a lot of some things needed by artists even today from some of them.

I learned to wait on the Lord whenever I needed guidance then and I am still doing that in this ministry now and even in personal things and he always comes through for me. I appreciate God so much for this.

I am the praise Worship leader in my church here in Canada (Victory Life church) and the training I received from being a floor Representative (with the sisters) once in Idia hall has also been useful in helping me deal with those I lead.

In my own ministry too, sometimes I have to recruit some back ground singers and instrumentalists and I also learned how to interact very well with those I lead from those days back then in IVCU. I learned good leadership skills by being very observant: I mean by watching those of around me that were leaders.
All I learnt then, I still make use of now. Thanks once again to those wonderful and excellent influences I had whilst I was in IVCU.

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