Ibadan Varsity Christian Union Alumni Fellowship (IVCUAF)

Welcome to the fellowship after fellowship of the Ibadan Varsity Christian Union. Ibadan Varsity Christian Union Alumni Fellowship is the Alumni Organization of the Ibadan Varsity Christian Union. A leading fellowship of Christian Students at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria established in 1960.

Our purpose is about creating a network of IVCUites, friends and partners committed to keeping the vision committed to us during our days at IVCU. We received a commission to go out to impact the world for Christ by living out the commission we received. Our Commission is to stay the course, encourage one another to stay in the faith and preach the gospel. Ours is not to build a kingdom on earth for ourselves but to prepare the world for the soon coming King, Jesus Christ.

Join Us For Fellowship and Friendship

Find out about our events, outreaches, communities, and regular meetings. Jesus is the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever. Let’s keep the Vision Together!